Road to Sanctification

The world brings to people all sorts of temptations and countless challenges in life every day, e.g.: –Trends are affecting how you live, from what you wear and what you eat to where you live and how you value things. –Relationships between people have become more complicated. –Some parts of the Internet, such as information theft and pornography, are negatively impacting people’s lives. –There is injustice in society. –People are under tremendous pressure from work. –People obsess over materialistic needs, sex, money and power.

As a result, you see greed, jealousy, competition and hatred everywhere. The world is full of sin! Therefore, Christians cannot help but ask: can we overcome this (our) sin? If we can, what are we relying on to do so? This course is based on the book of Romans; the focus of it is not an in-depth study of the Bible, but rather, it concentrates on the meditation on the doctrine and practice of sanctification in the Bible – to live the life of a righteous man in the eyes of God. The course will be divided into five lessons:

1 :
      The Starting Line 

2 :      The Process of Sanctification
3 :      Sanctified, New Life 
4 :      The Key to Sanctification I
5 :      The Key to Sanctification II 

6 :      The Finishing Line

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