Salvation History Themes&Thoughts

The Bible—the Word of God—expounds God’s development of and control over human history, and reveals God’s plan and accomplishment for human salvation. It includes 39 volumes of the Old Testament and 27 volumes of the New Testament. There were more than 40 Spirit-inspired authors who lived in different eras and had different identities, backgrounds, personalities and temperament. The whole period of writing spanned 1600 years. Yet, the writing delivers a consistent message—the salvation that God planned and accomplished for mankind through Jesus Christ in history. With a total of 1,189 chapters and 31,102 verses, the Bible is a Book of the ‘Salvation History’.

This book is a short introduction of the Bible : Salvation History Themes&Thoughts

1 :
      The Creation by God

2 :      The Fall of Man
3 :      God’s Promise to Abraham
4 :      The Exodus of God’s People
5 :      Meeting God at Mount Sinai
6 :      Forteen Years in the Wilderness
7 :      Entering the Promised Land
8 :      The Era of the Judges
9 :      Establishing a Kingdom
10 :   Split of the Kingdom – Southern Kingdom and Northern Kingdom
11 :   The Fall of the Northern Kingdom
12 :  The Fall of the Southern Kingdom
13 :  Seventy years’ captivity in Babylon
14 :  Return to the Promised Land

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